Ceramic lighting and interiors from designer-maker Elle Maxwell. Handmade in Oxfordshire.



At Speckled Grey we produce elegant, ceramic and blown glass lighting, a collection inspired by the angular chalkiness of natural pebbles and stone. We believe in the art of the handmade and making each piece unique.   




The ceramic shades are made of Parian clay which bears a translucent, marble like quality and looks beautiful when lit. Our unique production techniques produce a granite-like surface that is intriguing and intricate. Glass surrounds are blown in Derbyshire by skilled hands and historical techniques. The bespoke rope cable has been traditionally crafted on a Victorian eight bobbin braider. We strive to collaborate with local artisans,ensuring our products are made in England.





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PHONE: 07581706839

EMAIL: speckledgreydesign@gmail.com