rope cable 2018 copy.jpg


A matching ceiling rose provides a neat alternative to complement the porcelain finish of your pendant lamp. Ceiling roses are available to buy with all ceramic pendant lamps in either charcoal with white flecks or natural porcelain with charcoal flecks. A round 140mm fixture, made especially to fit a steel strap for ceiling suspension. Provided with brass fixings as standard, other finishes available upon request.



This rope cable came about when I was first designing the Facet Lamp collection. I wanted an authentic jute style rope cable to use alongside the smooth matte ceramic, however I couldn't source one anywhere at the time. So I contacted a local rope maker in the midlands who worked with me to braid this one on a Victorian 8 bobbin braider. Here is the result, a three core, double insulated, jute wrapped electrical cable.  3x0.75mm cores, diameter: 13mm.


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